"My mission is enriching the human spirit through art." -Ronit Mitchell 

Ronit Mitchell is a Chicago-based visual artist.  

Light, life and beauty out of darkness. Ronit’s art reaches into the everyday, and exposes the elusive beauty that lies hidden there. She shines light into the dark corners, calling out the colors and joy. Each piece is a testament - sometimes wildly vibrant, sometimes elegantly muted - of the transformative power of looking at life through the lens of art.

She is alumnus of the American Academy of Art . 

Image: from Ronit Mitchell pop-up exhibit. Floating World, micro-landscapes


 HGTV; LaGrange Public Library; Marshall Fields on State Street; Marshall Fields Trend Houses; ASID show houses; landmark Redfield Estate at the Grove;  Recycled Paper Greetings corporate office; Fair Oaks Farms; Friendship Village; Redfield Estate at the Grove;  Sluggers, CO; another retirement home;  Adler Planetarium; private clients


Gallery 203, Featured Artist;  Sulzen Fine Art Studio, Artoberfest; Sulzen Fine Art Studio, 2nd Annual Art Exhibition; Peggy Notebaert,Nature Museum, Stars and Wishes Gala art auction, Fairy Grandmother Foundation; Dog Days of Racine; Around the Coyote; Sothebys, Creating Pride, art auction; Adler Planetarium, Suite Home Chicago, public art; The Three Arts Club, Woman Made Gallery, art auction; Around the Coyote; Byron Roche Gallery, Absolut Vision;  Sotheby’s, Creating Pride,  art auction;Chicago Printmakers Collaborative, The Millennium Show; Sotheby’s, Cows on Parade, “And the Cow Jumped into the Moon”; Around the Coyote, Flat Iron Building; Adler Planetarium Museum , Parade of Cows /And the Cow Jumped into the Moon; Financial District, Carousel Cow; Byron Roche Gallery, Birds Birds Birds; Yellow and Green; Around the Coyote,  Flat Iron Building; Beret International Building;  Myopic Earwax, 101 Artists Show


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